10 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Jaipur with price

Best Rooftop Dinner Restaurants in Jaipur
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Are you one of those who admire ineffable ambience with complementing dishes? Whether going out with your special someone or with friends, this city has a variety of restaurants that prove to be a great pick! The air of Jaipur has a unique blend of traditional heritage and epitomises delight in it. Redefining the beauty and giving a sneak-peek of the city, rooftop restaurants in Jaipur satisfy your taste-buds with various cuisines and lubricating flavours.

Check out this cherry-picked list of rooftop restaurants in Jaipur and figure out the best according to your requirements-

  • Rooftop Candlelight Dinner at Sky Deck, Jaipur

rooftop candlelight dinner jaipur

Not just a reserved, but a decorated table will be awaiting your presence! Ask your partner out for romantic candlelight dinner in Jaipur, and this restaurant won’t let you frown. While offering welcome mocktails to serving you with fulfilling three different courses of the meal and a complimentary cake, your evening is planned to inculcate true flavours to your experience.

Cost: ₹1900/- (for a couple)

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  • Colorbar, Radisson Blu

Fitting in one of the best rooftop restaurants in Jaipur, this restaurant gives a panoramic view of the city. The contemporary ambience, Miami fashioned rooftop and delectable dishes, Colorbar specialises in providing warm hospitality to its visitors. The fancy lights following the sunset along with the rooftop pool are another way to please yourself.

Cost: ₹3000 (for two people)

  • Private Terrace Candlelight Dinner at Hari Mahal, Jaipur

private terrace candlelight dinner harimahal jaipur

There are times when you wish to spend some quality time with your partner then this is the place you should hit! With special lamp decoration on the rooftop and candlelight setup on your table, romantic vibes are sure to flare up as you reach this place. While you luxuriate yourself with three lip-smacking courses of your meal, soft music in the background will enrich your evening.

Cost: ₹2250/- (for a couple)

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  • Peacock Rooftop Restaurant

Pairing the warm and vibrant vicinity with tranquillity on the rooftop, this Peacock Theme Restaurant is an excellent place to grab a leisurely bite with your partner! Get a sneak-peek of the Hathroi Fort while enjoying some luscious dishes from the multi-cuisine menu offered to you. With some romantic lighting and the jazziness of this restaurant, you’re sure to have an impeccable experience.

Cost: ₹900 (for two people)

  • Handi Restaurant

Located in the central part of the city this place showers warmth as you step in. The rooftop is spacious, and the decor of the restaurant has a unique cultural touch to it. Every food item is made to touch your soul and carries the authentic taste of the dish. The warm lights enhance the beauty of the place. At this rooftop restaurant in Jaipur, get yourself immersed in the delicate flavours of Rajasthan.

Cost: ₹1100 (for two people)

  • Hitbhuk Mitbhuk

The bird’s eye view of the city from this rooftop gives you an intriguing view of Jaipur while you dine. The smartly arranged tables and beautiful lighting across the rooftop sprinkles happiness to your experience. The richness of the menu is stuffed with different cuisines from India and abroad. Not only the menu, but the dishes are served with outstanding variations.

Cost: ₹1100 (for two people)

  • Skyfall by Replay

Want to carve out an unbelievably lovely evening with your special one? Step into this highly popular open rooftop restaurant in Jaipur and satiate all your senses. The unending list of cuisines, from North Indian, Continental, Chinese, Italian to Mexican, you can order the dishes from the weighty menu presented to you. The charm of this place is heightened during the evening when the dark theme of the rooftop merges with the sky!

Cost: ₹1500 (for two people)

  • House of People

You’ll be taken aback not only by the elegant built but also of the cleverly installed lights at this rooftop restaurant! Treating you with the utmost courtesy and serving you with authentic dishes from various parts of the world, the music of the place keeps the modish and energetic vibes heightened.

Cost: ₹1500 (for two people)

  • Jaipur Jungle

Inspired by the wilderness of forest theme, this rooftop restaurant in Jaipur paves way for an out-of-the-way dining experience. The pleasure of dining on the rooftop is fused with the pleasure of dining in a jungle. This delightful experience is coupled with North Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines to savour your palate.

Cost: ₹900 (for two people)

  • Kafka

With fairy lights embedded to make the rooftop even prettier, the ambience of the place is heartwarming and provides a lovely view of the city. The wide variety of multi-cuisine menu allows you to choose whichever dishes you are craving for. The thoughtful sectioning of the rooftop lets you enjoy some peaceful yet captivating time together.

Cost: ₹1300 (for two people)

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