Best Candlelight Dinner Experiences in Hyderabad

10 Most Romantic Places to visit in Hyderabad for couples

10 Most Romantic Places to visit in Hyderabad for couples

How can the city of Pearls not pave the way for some enchanting places for couples in Hyderabad? Once you explore, you get to know the amount of love instilled in this city! The fondness for the place accentuates when you take the love of your life along! Feel the romance like it’s depicted in fairytales and bind yourself in ardent love. These romantic places in Hyderabad for couples never fail to impress you. Glance over them-

  • Romantic Candlelight Dinner in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad


Rooftop dining experience spurs fling beautifully for your date! With the best table reserved for you, your evening is bound to mould in lovely tone throughout. Located in Jubilee Hills, it is worth considering when you’re looking for romantic places in Hyderabad for couples. This flawless experience lets you create lasting memories!

Cost: ₹3450/- (includes a couple)



  • Stone Waters – Kitchen & Lounge


Blending some romance at this romantic place in Hyderabad for couples makes your visit even more delightful! Your mood will be instantly lightened up with adorable decor, smartly planned seats and beautiful outdoor seating! The cheerful ambience and luscious dishes add up to frame a pleasant evening. You might also like to read about Most Famous Lakes that are a must visit for every Hyderabadi

Cost: ₹1800/- (for a couple)


  • Candlelight Dinner at Arena, Taj Deccan, Hyderabad


Here is a 5-star place to take your dear one out and stimulate all your senses thoroughly. With Mughali and Continental cuisine to choose from, your fulfilling 5-course meal at this romantic place in Hyderabad for couples fabricates a zestful date. To make your evening delightful, the luxurious ambience of the place sets romance perfectly and keeps cosy and lively vibes fluttering around your table.

Cost: ₹5100/- (includes a couple)



  • Little Italy


Up for a casual date? This spacious and cosy restaurant has a great ambience that lets you part your senses from the hectic schedules. For a meaningful catch-up time with your dearest, this place is worth visiting. Just as the name suggests, Italian dishes here have an authentic taste of the town! The heartwarming ambience turns up all aces for an adorable meetup.

Cost: ₹1800/- (for a couple)


  • Dialogue in the Dark


Hunting a unique yet tantalising place for couples in Hyderabad? Settle in the pool of darkness and rely on your senses! The only one in India, this dark theme restaurant heightens romance based on your senses. Let your taste-buds rule the date! This fascinating experience pleases the foodie inside you.

Cost: ₹1300/- (for a couple)


  • Private Tree Hut Candlelight Dinner, Hyderabad


Dining in restaurants has taken a new shape with this utterly romantic experience of dining on the Tree Hut! Whisk your dearest away to this romantic place for couples in Hyderabad and make memories. With 4-courses of a meal served to you graciously, you’re bound to dwell yourself in an indulgent spell of a charming date.

Cost: ₹5000/- (includes a couple)



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  • Olive Bistro


The rough white walls of this rustic bistro overlooking the Secret Lake create a charming backdrop for your experience. From ambience to courteous staff, this place for couples in Hyderabad exudes its beauty at the sunset! Fill your evening with delectation and treat yourself thoroughly.

Cost: ₹2000/- (for a couple)


  • Private Poolside Candlelight Dinner at Novotel, Hitec City, Hyderabad


Personifying luxury this royal dining prompts adoration seamlessly. Donning a candlelight setup on your table, this poolside dinner lets you enjoy a 5-course meal served with care by a private butler. Swoon yourself in the depth of the eyes of your partner and make your dining experience loaded with happiness.

Cost: ₹7900/- (includes a couple)



  • Royal Gazebo Candlelight Dinner at Golkonda Resort, Hyderabad


Step into the ‘World of Romance’ and experience something magnificent. The ambience of the place is apt for an indelible outing. A pre-setup Gazebo for your experience in natural vicinity has a charm of its own. Along with it, a romantic candlelight dinner at this place for couples in Hyderabad will lubricate all your five senses. Do you need any more swaying to go to this place?

Cost: ₹11,600/- (includes a couple)



  • Private Poolside Candlelight Dinner at Lemon Tree, Hitech City, Hyderabad


Looking for a startling poolside dinner for your anniversary? In case you’re looking for a place that is peaceful and romantic at the same time, go for this! The exotic journey of gourmet will make your date night really special. With candlelight setup on your exclusively done table and clear pool in front enhances the whole experience.

Cost: ₹9000/- (includes a couple)


This list of romantic places in Hyderabad for couples will be handy for those adorable outings with your sweetheart!

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