5 Best Anniversary gift ideas for wife to make her fall in love with you AGAIN!

5 Best Anniversary gift ideas for wife to make her fall in love with you AGAIN!

Whether it’s your first anniversary or twenty-fifth, you want to make it really special and memorable. We understand that looking for the best wedding anniversary gifts for wife is a mind-boggling task, but fret not! We have done your homework and gathered a bunch of anniversary gifts for her. You can now surprise and at the same time impress your better half on this awaited day that too in a hassle-free manner!

Here are the 5 Best Anniversary Gifts for your wife available on ExperienceSaga.com

  • Say It With Roses

You have already said it enough, now let your gift speak for you. Depending on what you want to convey (Happy Anniversary or I Love You), roses are always the best way to be bestowed. The freshness of the red roses will infatuate your room with their refreshing and binding fragrance.

Cost: ₹1900/-



  • Big Cute Buddy

jumbo big teddy bear delivery online india

Now that she’s your wife, don’t think she doesn’t have a strong adoration for a colossal teddy! This sweetest and the most captivating gift comes packed with everlasting love. Get this as an anniversary gift for her and let the kid inside her come out of excitement.

Cost: ₹3500/-



  • Cute Heart of Roses

This anniversary gift for her is curated by clubbing all the anniversary essentials! Let the fling of the previous year never fade out. A heart-shaped present is quintessential yet an elegant way to surprise your wife with. This can be the cutest first anniversary gift for your wife as well!

Cost: ₹990/-



  • Candlelight Dinner

It would be unfair to not include candlelight dinners in this list!

When in doubt, choose this option! This is one of the best anniversary gifts for wife and it never fails to amaze your sweetheart. Dim lights and special setup is a sure shot way to rekindle love seamlessly. Strike the chords of the two hearts while slurping the refreshing drinks and enjoying a full course dinner in a romantic atmosphere.



  • Series of Surprises

series of surprises experience saga

More than one surprise is always a delight!

This wedding anniversary gift for wife is a special package, comprising 3 surprises which unfurl in the span of 24 hours. Starting off with the midnight surprise, a guitarist will play your favourite songs. Along with this you will cut your anniversary cake and commence your celebrations in the most romantic way.

The following day, a blooming bouquet of roses will sweep her off her feet. Further which, to make her go gaga in amazement a balloon box will be delivered at your doorstep. You don’t have to worry about planning out various stuff. We’ll do the needful to make your day really wonderful.  

Cost: ₹5600/-


Things you would want to know-

Q. How can I surprise my wife on our wedding anniversary?

A. We have a list of ways you can surprise your wife on your wedding anniversary. Check out the pointers below-


Q. What gift can be given to wife on wedding anniversary?

A. Ditch the traditional gifts this time and plan something out of the box! Go for romantic room decoration, or let your room wish you Happy Anniversary. You can also, ask a professional guitarist to play some romantic songs, go for a dinner date or reform the anniversary essentials in the form of roses and chocolates.


Q. What should I gift my wife for our 1st anniversary?

A. Are you looking for some innovative ways you sweep her off her feet on your anniversary? This list of 5 Heartwarming First Anniversary Gifts for Wife is all you need! From midnight surprises to romantic way to say those three magical words, you’ll find all of them. *A piece of advice, add a handwritten note along with your gift, she’ll definitely love it.


Q. What are the best anniversary gifts?

A. The best anniversary gifts are the ones which would make your partner feel loved! You know your partner better, and so you are the one who can zero down the best gift for your anniversary. To help you out, here is a list of not so obvious anniversary gifts-


Q. What should I do on our wedding anniversary?

A. We have a list of ideas which would make your anniversary day special and memorable-

  • Romantic evening at Home
  • Dance to the same song you had shaken your legs on your wedding day
  • Go out for a romantic dinner 
  • Plan your day in the suburbs of the city
  • Grab the popcorn and watch your favourite movie


Q. What can I buy my husband for on anniversary?

A. Sweet and cute gestures on special days give a quick reminder to your partner as to how much you love and care for them. Pampering each other strengthens your relationship. Listed below are gifts and surprises you can plan for your husband on your anniversary-


Q. How to plan a romantic dinner date?

A. Romantic dinner date on your anniversary is a must! All you need to do is to give a call at +91 8010-371-371, and surprise planners from ExperienceSaga will share with you the best packages for a romantic dinner date. From a lovely candlelight setup on the table to different courses of a meal, you must string a cute set of conversation along. It will instantly make your dining spell delightful.

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