Best Candlelight Dinners in Ahmedabad

5 Best Candlelight Dinners in Ahmedabad with price

5 Best Candlelight Dinners in Ahmedabad with price

Deemed as one of the best cities to live in, Ahmedabad has its own romantic side which is not widely pronounced. Other than visiting lakes and heritage monuments, you can change the course of your outing by taking your dearest for a luscious dinner. Candlelight dinners in Ahmedabad pump in affection to your outing like nothing else. All you have to do is to ask your partner to get ready for a lovely surprise, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Here is the list of top 5 candlelight dinners in Ahmedabad you HAVE to take your partner to!

Check out-

  • Casual Candlelight Dinner in Ahmedabad


When you don’t want to let your pocket loose and still make your date memorable, step here. Lip-smacking Indian and Continental staple is served with utmost civility at this place. Keep nervousness at bay and enjoy a delicious meal to savour your palate. With a decorated and reserved table in the restaurant, the whole experience lets you enjoy your day effortlessly.

Cost: ₹1900/- (includes a couple)



  • Exotic Rooftop Candlelight Dinner in Ahmedabad


Giving consistent attention to your dear one makes them realise how important they are for you! With rustic rooftop setting and exclusively decorated table, this restaurant proposes a way for a picturesque date. Relish unlimited sumptuous meal and hearty talks over this rooftop candlelight dinner in Ahmedabad and concoct a special evening.

Cost: ₹2500/- (includes a couple)



  • Private Candlelight Dinner in Ahmedabad


The delight of dining in an enclosed space is at a different level! Walk hand in hand to your private dining section and be taken away by the beautiful decoration done to surprise you. This private candlelight dinner in Ahmedabad allows you to dwell in a spell of adoration. Your magical outing has a customised welcome letter, five unique courses of a meal, fruit champagne and other elements to make your outing memorable.

Cost: ₹5500/- (includes a couple)



  • Poolside Candlelight Dinner in Ahmedabad


Located in the centre of the city, this poolside candlelight dinner in Ahmedabad is perfect for a captivating date. The lively ambience of the place and the finest unlimited food will make your day extremely pleasant! A pre-arranged table with candlelight setup and rose petal decoration over it will brew your evening in a delightful way! Take your partner by surprise at this heartwarming place.

Cost: ₹5900/- (includes a couple)



  • Royal Candlelight Dinner at Narmada, The Ummed Hotel, Ahmedabad


Surely the best place for an awaited day with your special someone! Your table will be set up in the exclusive royal courtyard area at the Narmada Restaurant. Along with the tranquil ambience and elegant arrangement, authentic flavours 4-course meal adds up to your experience. On this luxurious candlelight dinner in Ahmedabad, you’ll get to know your partner and infuse a spree of romance to your evening.

Cost: ₹11,700/- (includes a couple)


You would want to know-

Q. Which is the best vegetarian restaurant in Ahmedabad?

A. You’ll find a bunch of vegetarian restaurants in Ahmedabad. The best fine dining vegetarian restaurant in Ahmedabad is the famous Gujarati restaurant- Agashiye. In case you are looking for a casual dining option, then 650-The Globe Kitchen and The Green House top the list! 

Q. Which is the most romantic restaurant in Ahmedabad?

A. If you’re are looking for some privacy, then Soulmate restaurant should be your pick. Its private candlelight dinner with special table setup and five proper courses of a meal seems to be apt for a romantic date. Also, the above list of 5 most romantic candlelight dinners in Ahmedabad can be a handy piece to choose from. 

Q. Can you suggest a few romantic places in Ahmedabad for couples?

A. The undercurrent of romantic is live in this city! A few romantic places in Ahmedabad includes the Sabarmati Riverfront, Parimal Garden, Victoria Garden and Adalaj Stepwell. If you are comfortable in travelling a little away from the main city, you can visit- the Bhadra Fort, Zanzari Waterfall, or the Thol Bird Sanctuary. You can also glance over this list of top 10 places in Ahmedabad for couples!

Q. Which are the best places to hangout in Ahmedabad?

A. Known as the city of textiles, Ahmedabad has some beautiful places to visit! Besides malls and gardens, some of the best places to hangout in Ahmedabad are Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, Sabarmati Ashram, Kankaria Lake, Autoworld Museum, Manek Chowk, Vastrapur Lake and Raj Babri Mosque. 

Q. Can you tell me which is the best restaurant for an anniversary dinner in Ahmedabad?

A. You can check out Narmada restaurant for the best anniversary dinner in Ahmedabad. Through ExperienceSaga you get the complete anniversary package, which includes a blooming bouquet and complimentary chocolate cake for a celebration. This package of romance has a string of adoring elements which unfold one after the other during your experience. This place can be your pick for this awaited day! 

Q. Which are the best places in Ahmedabad to take my girlfriend for our first date?

A. You are surely putting some thought to find out the best place in Ahmedabad to take your girlfriend for your first date. Undoubtedly, the first date holds a significant space in your heart, so make it memorable! There are ample options to choose, like, Sarkhej Roza, Kankaria Lake, Victoria Garden and Sabarmati Riverfront (if you are are going out in the evening). Keep it sweet and romantic at the same time you can check out these places in Ahmedabad for couples.

Q. What is the best plan to have a romantic date in Ahmedabad for one day?

A. Opt for your best plan to have a romantic date in Ahmedabad for one day-

  • Hope from Ahmedabad to Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary! Spot different birds, indulge in some recreational activities and enjoy your day to the fullest!
  • You can also pair a candlelight dinner with a movie or stroll and adore the beauty of the Victoria Garden.
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