Best Candlelight Dinner experiences in Delhi NCR

5 Romantic Places to Celebrate Anniversary in Noida!

5 Romantic Places to Celebrate Anniversary in Noida!

Strengthen your bond by indulging into a sweet experience on this precious day! You have various ways to make your anniversary memorable in Noida. Add romance with the unexpected!

You would have gone out on dinner dates but a well-set candlelight dinner to celebrate anniversary in Noida has its own charm and injects affection! With ExperienceSaga, you can find some great options which will leave your dearest surprised! Let’s check them out-

  • Candlelight Dinner in Sector 18, Noida


An embellished table reserved for you will create the romantic bubble of love and as soon as you arrive you’ll be entangled in it! Along with it, the luscious food will take you on a spree of flavours. Celebrate anniversary in Noida at this place and head home with happy faces.

â‚ą2200/- (for a couple)



  • Exotic Candlelight Dinner in Noida


Exotic dining experience for anniversary celebration gets better at a place that has dim lights, classy interiors and sumptuous Italian dishes in its corner. Also, the elegant seating arrangement induces love seamlessly. While you check-in at this place for your dinner of the year, you’ll raise the bar to celebrate anniversary in Noida.

â‚ą2500/- (for a couple)



  • Candlelight Dinner in a Village Themed Restaurant, Noida


To keep the status quo alive, book a candlelight dinner at this place to celebrate anniversary in Noida! Tickle your senses with lip-smacking flavours of food and the rustic interiors fill your experience with something exciting. How else could you make this day better? 

â‚ą2600/- (for a couple)



  • Poolside Cabana Candlelight Dinner, Noida


When you are searching for a private space that overlooks the pool, the ambience curates love vibes and lets you celebrate anniversary in Noida, beautifully! While your private butler is serving you dishes from North Indian and Mughlai cuisines, a spell of conversation will spring up. Enjoy your time with your better half at this lovely place.

â‚ą4600/- (for a couple)



  • Rooftop Candlelight Dinner in Sector 50, Noida


Dim lights and warmth of the stars curate a lovely experience for you! Rekindle love at this restaurant with North Indian and Chinese dishes in your plate. This dining experience promises to bring the two hearts closer than ever before. Celebrate anniversary in Noida at this fantastic place for your special day! 

â‚ą2400/- (for a couple)


If you are comfortable in travelling to Delhi to celebrate your anniversary, then you can glance at 10 Most Romantic Places to Celebrate Anniversary in Delhi!

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