Best Candlelight Dinner Experiences in Bengaluru

6 Romantic Places to Visit in Bangalore for Couples

6 Romantic Places to Visit in Bangalore for Couples

Loaded with romantic and luxurious ways to spend time with your partner, there are a plethora of places to visit in Bangalore for couples. Whether you want to spruce up your dinner date or indulge yourself into a lovely experience, this city never lets you thank enough for its grand vicinity.

We understand how confusing and time-consuming it is to plan a perfect date. To help you out with your planning, we have curated these delightful options for you. Check out these romantic places to visit in Bangalore for couples and allow love to bloom!

  • Bangalore Palace


Witness the grand and splendid structure of the Bangalore Palace and experience the royal charm. It’s the classic place to visit in Bangalore for a couple for an eccentric date. You can either stroll or ride the Royal Carriage Horse to explore the majestic corridors with your dear one. Treat her like the princess, and you will never forget this lovely time spent together.

Entry ticket: ₹225 (per person)

  • Poolside Candlelight Dinner, Sterlings Mac Hotel


Treat your lover to a gorgeous dinner at this 5-star property. This is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore for couples, and you’ll enjoy everything at this place. Blending luxury with romance your poolside table will be given special attention. Offering you the most delectable 4-course cuisine ever; this place will please all your senses effortlessly.

Cost: ₹4900/- (includes a couple)

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride 


Indulge yourself on a voyage in the clouds with some beautiful view of the sky. Sometimes taking your feet off the ground can be great!
Fall in love with your partner on this exciting ride and undergo a surreal experience. This is just perfect for adventure enthusiasts. Float and make merry on this breathless ride that too a few hundred feet above the ground. When you’re searching for places to visit in Bangalore for couples, you can’t skip this option!

Cost: ₹4000 (for a couple)

  • Pottery Experience


The process of creating something beautiful with your partner is always mesmerising! Have you ever experienced something like this? Check out this unusual place to visit in Bangalore for a couple.

After helping you understand the basics of moulding the clay, you will try hands-on it and shape it into a beautiful piece of a pot. Sink into this lovely experience and mould the magic out of it!

Cost: ₹2200 (for a couple)

  • Vineyard Date


When looking for places to visit in Bangalore for couples, this experience can’t be sidelined. After briefing you about the history of wine cultivation, you will dive into grape stomping. Hold your partner’s hand and build balance while stomping. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Indulge in this out-of-the-box experience and enjoy the romantic mess.

Cost: ₹3000 (for a couple)

  • Romantic Dining Inside the Pool, Koramangala


Certainly one of the best places to visit in Bangalore for couples, this option lets you dine inside the pool! Yes, you have read it right! How exotic would it feel when your feet are submerged into water, and beautiful candlelight setup on your table pronounces romance outrightly? This is a must experience candlelight dinner. The package includes 3 different courses of the meal which will be served with utmost grace. Also, your private butler will be at your service throughout.

Cost: ₹5200/- (includes a couple)



Things you would want to know-

Q. Where can I take my girlfriend out in Bangalore?

A. There are certainly a lot of places where you can take her out! Besides different gardens and lakes, there are historic structures like the Bangalore Palace and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace. Other than these, if you want to dwell in a romantic experience then hot air balloon ride, pottery experience, romantic dining are some considerable options!


Q. What are some must-visit places while visiting Bangalore?

A. When visiting Bangalore, keep a note of these places! Covering the whole city, you cannot miss them. Here is the list of some of the must-visit places while visiting Bangalore-

  • Cubbon Park
  • Bangalore Palace
  • Wonderla Amusement Park
  • ISKCON Temple
  • UB City
  • MG road
  • Commercial Street
  • Lal Bagh Botanical Garden
  • Ulsoor Lake
  • Lumbini Garden
  • Bannerghatta National Park


Q. How many lakes are there in Bangalore?

A. The city of Bangalore was once known as the city of lakes with about 280 lakes (according to Wikipedia). Due to urbanisation and passing of time, most of the lakes and tanks have disappeared, and only 17 good lakes exist. They seize rainwater flowing from the hills and valleys and keep themselves filled.


Q. What is the famous street food in Bangalore?

A. Street food in Bangalore is much revered by the locals. Bangalore is home to people from varied parts of the country, and so is their street food! It is borrowed from different places. From savouring bhaji, kebab rolls, sev puri, chaat, Mangalore buns, momos and obbattu to idlis, vadas and dosas, you’ll find a plethora of varieties. 


Q. What is famous sweet in Bangalore?

A. Famous sweets of Karnataka are Mysore Pak, Dharwad Pedas and Kesari Bath. Other than these, you can also get a variety of sweets like rasmalai, rasgulla, kalakand and gulab jamun. These sweets are not originally from this place but have a great authentic taste.


Q. What are the places to visit in Bangalore at night for couples?

A. The city of Bangalore has something stored for everyone. For couples who want to explore this city at night have the following options-

  • Romantic long drive in the glimmering city
  • Camping in Ramanagara
  • Explore the nightlife of the city at Sajjan Rao Circle
  • Sunset at Nandi Hills
  • If riverside peace is your call, head to river Manchanebele and indulge yourself in a bonfire night while the river gushes by


Q. What at the top places to visit in Bangalore? 

A. There are some beautiful places to visit in and around the city! From garden to palaces and lakes located in the city, you enjoy the pleasant weather of Bangalore. Top places to visit in Bangalore are as follows-

  • Lal Bagh Botanical Garden
  • Cubbon Park
  • Bangalore Palace
  • Bannerghatta Biological Park
  • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace
  • Nandi Temple
  • Ulsoor Lake
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