7 Most Adored Places for Pre-Wedding Shoot in Jaipur!

7 Most Adored Places for Pre-Wedding Shoot in Jaipur!

The gush of excitement sparks as your wedding date comes near. Soon to be married couples take a deep breath! Courtship period is all about embracing this heartfelt charm. Before stepping into this new world of togetherness, capture your undercurrent emotions through a lens and commence the wedding shenanigans. With rich historic sites symbolizing the royalty, places for pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur tend to highlight the traditional heritage of the city that creates memories for a lifetime. 

This quintessential wedding festivity is not just about getting clicked with your partner-to-be, other than the place, its intermingled with the excitement of beginning a new phase of life!

This list of places for pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur will help you get stills of all those creative shots that are running in your mind!

Check out-

  • Castle Kalwar

The castle of dreams paired with green patches of garden curate a beautiful place for a contemporary photoshoot. This uniqueness of this place for pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur is due to its location. Stuffed with the folklore of Jaipur, this place gives rise to some romantic pictures which you will revere for the years to come!

  • Amber Palace

Also known as the Amer Fort, this palace is built high on the hill and overlooks Maota Lake. This scenic location is just 11 km from the city of Jaipur. Relive this ancient backdrop with the love of your life. This place for pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur has a rich heritage that imbues a unique charm to your pictures. 

With movies like Bajirao Mastani and Jodha Akbar been shot here, this fort is one of the most sort-after places for a pre-wedding shoot.

  • Jaigarh Fort

Located in the outskirts of the main city of Jaipur, this fort flaunts its rugged walls with pride. Capturing some priceless moments combining vast structures with well-kept gardens depict the rustic yet regal charm of the city. This place for pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur lets you live those old royal days and seizes stills to adore for a lifetime!

  • Samode Palace

One of the most preferred places for pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur, Samode Palace is loved for its architecture and Victorian style paintings. The beauty of the palace can’t be described in words. To complement it, the open pool and Mughal style garden complete this location for a romantic photoshoot. With numerous backdrops available, seal your love-filled moments with utmost exuberance. 

  • Albert Hall Museum

One of the oldest museums of Jaipur, this place reflects magnificence! This splendid structure was built betwixt the beautiful Ram Niwas Bagh. Capturing love fused with the historic traditions of the city, both long shots to close-ups articulate grace and affection. Other than shooting in the Ram Niwas Bagh, you can get yourself clicked in the hall while the birds are flying in the backdrop. This place for pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur seizes all your affectionate moments.

  • Rambagh Palace

If it is the royal photos what you need? Head to this place for pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur and fulfil all your hearts desires. Blend the opulence of Mughal and Rajasthani culture in one go. The palace of the Maharaja of Jaipur has been intricately built and paves some fantastic backdrops for your special event!

  • Jal Mahal¬†

Want your pre-wedding shoot to depict some mountains at bay while there is water all around? This place for pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur coincides with your imagination! Portraying the Aravali range and Mansagar Lake, this place captures the sunset with happiness! The changing of colours in the sky add some natural and beautiful effect to your images. 

Your hunt for the best place for pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur would have surely been rested now. Get hold of vibrant colours of this city and enjoy your pre-wedding shoot!

Things you would want to know:

Q. What are some pre-wedding photoshoot essentials?

A. Here is the list- 

  • Take note of the weather, backdrop and place before deciding your outfits
  • Sleep well the previous night to avoid tiredness to some extent
  • Wear comfortable outfits and footwear¬†
  • Keep your makeup handy for some quick touch-ups¬†
  • Water bottle and snacks are a must¬†
  • Cute props and a colourful umbrella can add life to those still instantly


Q. Which are some of the free pre-wedding shoot locations in Jaipur?

A. Not just free, but worthy of truely memorable pictures, Jal Mahal and Albert Hall Museum can be your location for your pre-wedding shoot! Providing a gorgeous backdrop, Hawa Mahal is another free pre-wedding shoot location in Jaipur.


Q. How do I make most of my courtship period?

A. Little things go a long way! Courtship period gives you time to know each other in a better way. Other than having stills of your pre-wedding shoot, take your dearest to the nearby places often. Spend time together and plan a romantic candlelight dinner! Here is the list of 5 most romantic dinners in Jaipur.


Q. What are some places for couples in Jaipur?

A. Hunting that perfect outing for the weekend? We have made a list of 10 Most Romantic Places in Jaipur for couples! Tick all the places one after the other and create your own bubble of love. It is a beautiful way to make weekends memorable.


Q. What are good romantic places to visit in Jaipur?

A. No one can overlook the royal past of the pink city! Creating ample options for its visitors, the city of Jaipur has a bunch of good romantic places. Besides Hawa Mahal, Samode Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Chowki Dhani, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal and Smriti Van are a few places you must visit.


Q. How to do a candlelight dinner booking in Jaipur?

A. Make your special days distinct, that too effortlessly! We have a list of places that provide the best candlelight dinners in Jaipur. To make your reservation, follow the simple booking process or contact +91 8010-371-371. We have a team of professionals who will help you out with your queries. 


Q. What can we do in Jaipur at night?

A. Treat yourself to some luscious meal at a nice restaurant and explore the vibrant nightlife of the pink city. Also, don’t miss the enchanting look of Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal and Nahargarh Fort at night! These forts will wrap you in their enchanting look.

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