8 Most Famous Lakes in Hyderabad that are a must visit for every Hyderabadi!

8 Most Famous Lakes in Hyderabad that are a must visit for every Hyderabadi!

Long ago, Hyderabad was known as the City of Lakes! With the passing of time, the number of lakes in Hyderabad have decreased, however, there are quite a few lakes which hold your heart and allow you to swirl in their mesmerising beauty.

When weather pleases you, and you want to shake hands with nature, think no more and visit these popular lakes in your city. Plan a breezy yet paradisical outing and indulge yourself in a wonderful escape from your busy life. Check out this list of 8 most famous lakes in Hyderabad

  • Osman Sagar


Also known as Gandipet, Osman Sagar is a reservoir to the city of Nizams. It was built by the last Nizam of Hyderabad accumulating water from the Musi river. It is one of those lakes in Hyderabad which have been built to prevent the clamouring city from flooding. People love visiting this reservoir during the monsoon season. Surrounding parks, heritage monuments and amusement parks also attract tourists during this time.

Location: Ranga Reddy District, Telangana


  • Himayat Sagar


Located at about 20 km distance from Hyderabad, Himayat Sagar is built parallel to Osman Sagar. The name has been derived from the name of the youngest son of the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad. The purpose of this lake was to curb water problems in the city. The lush grassy area surrounding this lake in Hyderabad stamps it as an ideal spot for a picnic with your family.

Location: Himayat Sagar, Hyderabad


  • Hussain Sagar


Hussain Sagar is built in the shape of a necklace and is one of the most beautiful lakes in Hyderabad. It is also the world’s largest heart-shaped mark. Due to which this heritage site of India is declared as the ‘Heart of the World’ by UNWTO. It is a symbol of love and definitely a spot to embrace with your sweetheart! Enjoy the sunset and glance at the largest monolithic Buddha statue here.

Location: Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad


  • Saroornagar Lake


The beauty of this artificial lake is captured by the eyes of its visitors. This lake in Hyderabad is also home to numerous migratory birds making it a picturesque location. Spread over 99 acres, this lake comes under five major water bodies in the city. The setting of the sun blends well with the water and creates a charming view.

Location: Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad


  • Fox Sagar


When ranked according to their sizes, Fox Sagar is claimed to be the second biggest lake of this royal city. Built-in 1897 by stopping water from the Musi River, it is one of the oldest lakes in Hyderabad. The old stone structure constructed as the pump house still exists on its shore. At present, it is also a famous picnic spot amongst the residents of the city.

Location: Kompally, Hyderabad


  • Ameenpur Lake


Ameenpur Lake is the first Indian water body to be considered as a Biodiversity Heritage Site. Though in terms of size this lake in Hyderabad is not vast, however, it is inhabited by a lot of birds. Birdwatchers do spend some exotic time at this place! Other than bird watching, boating and other water sports allow you to seize your day in a spellbinding way!

Location: Miyapur, Hyderabad


  • Durgam Cheruvu


The freshwater lake in Hyderabad, Durgam Cheruvu is popularly known as the Secret Lake. Fragmenting Jubilee Hills and Madhapur, this lake is isolated in between. Encircled by the charisma of hills and the beauty of the town, this place is a haven to many recreational activities. You are sure to experience calmness at this scenic place.

Location: Durgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad


  • Shamirpet Lake


From being a famous picnic spot to many Telugu movies being shot here, Shamirpet Lake has a magnificent view all around. Hop about 25 km from Hyderabad and reach this gratifying lake. Feel the tranquillity, cool breeze and relishing vibes just as the sun merges with the water. The prospered grooves surrounding this lake in Hyderabad add delight to your visit.

Location: Rangareddy District, Shamirpet Road


Things you would want to know-

Q. How many lakes are there in Hyderabad?

A. Hyderabad was once known as the City of Lakes! According to Wikipedia, it had about 7000 natural and man-made lakes. Not more than 169 lakes have survived the encroachment in recent times. However, measures have been taken by HUDA to restore these water bodies. 


Q. Who built Hussain Sagar?

A. Hussain Sagar was built by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah. This lake holds a lot of significance! Apart from being the largest recognised heart-shaped mark of the world, the 18-meter high monolithic statue of Lord Buddha is the tallest monolith statue of Gautam Buddha. It has numerous other attractions around it as well.


Q. Which is the biggest lake in Telangana?

A. The biggest lake in Telangana is Hussain Sagar Lake. It is also the largest man-made lake in Telangana. Its total area was about 550 ha. However, now it has shrunk to 349 ha.  Largest natural lake in Telangana is Mir Alam Tank. It has an area of 243 ha.


Q. What can we do in Hyderabad this weekend?

A. Hyderabad is stuffed with places you can visit. To name a few- Charminar, Golkonda Fort, Hussain Sagar, Salar Jung Museum and Ramoji Film City. You can even plan a weekend getaway with your family near Hyderabad. We have prepared a list of 10 Family Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad. Do check them out!


Q. Which are the weekend getaways from Hyderabad within 100 km?

A. There is a lot to explore within the city only. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to go out of the way and plan a short but refreshing getaway from the daily rut. Weekend getaways from Hyderabad within 100 km –

  • Ananthagiri Hills (81 km)
  • Medak Fort (95 km)
  • Rachakonda Fort (56 km)
  • Mrugavani National Park (22 km)


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Q. Which are the most romantic places to visit in Hyderabad for couples?

A. The city of Pearls has some interesting places for couples in Hyderabad! Sunset at Hussain Sagar, Necklace Road, the beauty of Saroornagar Lake and Taramati Baradari are a few romantic places in Hyderabad. You can also glance at this unique list of 10 most romantic places to visit in Hyderabad for couples.


Q. Which is the best place for a candlelight dinner in Hyderabad?

A. The Nawabi style of the city reflects in all places. When it is fused with luxe and grace, impromptu dinner dates take place! Special dining table by the pool in Novotel is the best place for a candlelight dinner in Hyderabad. This list of 5 most romantic candlelight dinners in the city, Hyderabad raises the bar of romance. You will not feel the pressure of planning a heart-warming date.

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