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8 Romantic Places near Ahmedabad those you can’t miss!

8 Romantic Places near Ahmedabad those you can’t miss!

It is always fun to explore and walk into new places with your dearest. Not only it keeps the love alive, but also adds the element of surprise to your outing. Whether you like spending time in the lap of nature or it is those exquisite cadre marvels which fascinate you, you can find a bunch of romantic places near Ahmedabad that steal the limelight from the city. Take a look!

  • Punit Van, Gandhinagar


Enjoy a short drive to Gandhinagar and reach Punit Van. Amid the tall trees, the serenity of this botanical garden lets you admire the beauty of fountains and rejuvenate yourself. This romantic place near Ahmedabad induces happiness to your love-filled souls. Spend some quality time with your beloved.

Distance from Ahmedabad- 28 km

Location- Gandhinagar

  • Indroda Nature Park, Gandhinagar


This major tourist attraction in Gandhinagar is just 25 km from its twin city. For couples who like to sink in the natural beauty, this romantic place near Ahmedabad is perfect! The green expanse surely provides eye-pleasing view all around. You can also witness fossil park, zoo, and well-maintained botanical garden.

Distance from Ahmedabad- 25 km

Location- Gandhinagar

  • Sarkhej Roza


One of the most intricate monuments Sarkhej Roza depicts the ethnic culture. Hop a step from Ahmedabad, and you will reach this place, located in Makraba village. This romantic place near Ahmedabad clones some unique elegance all around. Comprising of various buildings and magnificent architectures, this place is built in the form of a stepped tank.

Distance from Ahmedabad- 8.3 km

Location- Makarba

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  • Bhadra Fort


Built-in the 15th century, Bhadra Fort is expanded in open spaces with triple gateway and royal citadels. Don’t miss the sight of the British installed tower clock brought from the royal capital of England in 1849. Walk past into the ancient times and experience the antique vibe at this romantic place near Ahmedabad. Also, the grand architecture of Bhadra Fort asks for numerous clicks with your partner. 

Distance from Ahmedabad- 1.1 km

Location- Bhadra


  • Thol Bird Sanctuary


The dense forest surrounding the lake is home to different species of birds like flamingos and sarus crane. This freshwater lake encircled by marshes complements the blue sky on top. This romantic place near Ahmedabad for couples lets them dwell in the natural adobe.

Distance from Ahmedabad- 31 km

Location- Thol village

  • Zanzari Waterfalls


This 25 feet high waterfall becomes a beautiful sight to glare at. As the water gushes down, the view and sound at this romantic place near Ahmedabad cheer your mood instantly. Besides enjoying the waterfall, you can also go for a camel ride and tick off the day in style.

Distance from Ahmedabad- 71 km

Location- Dabha

  • Adalaj Stepwell


Also known as Rudabai Stepwell, this octagonal structure is built with sandstone. This five-storied deep construction is minutely carved and is an exemplary piece of architecture. Explore this stepped pond and capture some beautiful moments. This romantic place near Ahmedabad is a popular tourist attraction.

Distance from Ahmedabad- 19 km

Location- Adalaj

  • Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary


Step outside the city and visit this romantic place near Ahmedabad! Apart from spotting various varieties of birds, recreational activities add pleasure to your day. Whether you opt for horse riding or go for boating, you will form a unique connection with your dearest. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary is home to some wild animals as well.

Distance from Ahmedabad- 63 km

Location- Nalsarovar

These romantic places near Ahmedabad are sure to take your heart away. How many have you visited yet?

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