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  • Upgrade your experience!

    Rose Petals & Candles

    Decorate your room with 300 gms rose petals and 100 tealight candles.

    • 600 ₹

    24 Hanging Photos

    The decorator will carry hard copies of 24 photographs shared by you. The same will be tied to the hanging ribbons of the balloons.

    Please note:
    1. The team will contact to email the photographs after you make the booking

    • 400 ₹

    Birthday Banner


    You can add a "Happy Birthday" banner in your decorations

    • 200 ₹

    Occasion Foil Balloon

    You can add a "Happy Birthday Foil Balloon" or Happy Anniversary Foil Balloon or ILOVEU in your decorations. The colour of the foil balloon will be silver/ golden/read subject to availability


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    • 450 ₹


    Express Your Love

    This is a perfect surprise to express your love in public :)
    We will create a beautiful post wishing your loved one. You can wish them happy birthday, anniversary, etc. The post will be published on ExperienceSaga's Facebook & Instagram Pages. The post will include a picture and a short message shared by you. 

    • 450 ₹

    Red heart-shaped balloons

    You can replace your 200 metallic balloon decoration with 200 red heart-shaped balloons.

    Please note: Only red colour heart-shaped balloons will be used. Other colour options are not available for this add-on  

    • 500 ₹

    Add extra balloons

    You can increase the number of balloons to be used for decorations. You can select 50 extra balloons, 100 extra balloons and so on.

    Select no. of extra balloons

    • 6 ₹

    Add LED Light

    You can add led fairy lights (25-30 ft long approx.) to be used for decoration. You can select 1 extra, 2 extra lights and so on.

    Select no. of lights

    • 150 ₹

    Add Rose Petals

    You can add extra rose petals to be used for decorations. You can select 1 kg extra, 2 kg extra and so on. to write a message on your bed/floor.

    Select kg of rose petals

    • 700 ₹

    Add LED Balloons

    You can add multi-colour led balloons to be used for decorations. You can select 5 balloons, 10 balloons, 15 balloons and so on.

    Select no. of balloons

    • 30 ₹

    Add foil balloons

    You can display messages like "Happy Birthday {name} ", "Happy 25 Anniversary" "I love you" using foil balloons. E.g if you want to display "Happy Birthday Raj", no. of pieces used are 16. You can select the number of pieces depending on your message length.

    Select no. of pieces

    • 100 ₹

    Add heart foil balloons


    You can add big heart-shaped foil balloons (1 ft) to your decorations.

    Select no. of pieces

    • 120 ₹

    Add Foil curtains

    Add Foil curtain to your decorations

    *Select no. of pieces

    • 100 ₹

    *Preferred Colours

    You can select multi-colour balloons or specify a maximum of 2 colours. 

    *Colour 1

    *Colour 2